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Paraíba Tourmaline: A Stunning and Sought After Gemstone

The breathtaking clarity and vibrancy of the Mediterranean sea to the multiple aquatic shades of the clearest blue ocean can only come close to capturing the exuberant and enticing colors that embody Paraiba tourmaline. Its range of hues reflect the blue and greens of international waters and is one of today’s most coveted gemstones. What’s even more enchanting about this prized stone is that it seems lit from within and glows with an electric energy whether it leans more toward the more scarce illuminating blue or the sea green end of the spectrum.

It is a stone that only started to become sought after in the 1990s and grew in popularity as more and more so as jewelry collectors and enthusiasts saw and learned of this hypnotic stone.

The history of Paraíba Tourmaline

Martin Katz discovered the beauty of them and began working with them early on. He tells the story of his first reaction until he saw one up close and personal, “It was the early 90s, when I first began hearing about them and I thought, “What is so special, why so expensive? They are just another tourmaline which come in so many colors. Then some years later at a gem trade fair a stone dealer showed me a seven carat cushion cut gem that was neon blue. I had never seen a gem with such scintillating color and fire. I tried to negotiate but fell so in love with it, I paid an astronomical price and that was 25 years ago.”