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The Resurgence of Fancy Cut Diamonds

Although fancy cut diamonds have been seeing a revival for the past two-three years, visionary and legendary designer Martin Katz has been using them for as long as he can remember. “This business is definitely cyclical on everything from gemstone cuts to jewelry motifs and silhouettes going in and out of style. Jewelry magazines also have a hand in launching jewelry trends and the gem companies will cut stones based on the material they are finding. All of this has been feeding into the return of fancy cut diamonds.”

He continues, “If you are designing for many years like I have been, you will see the cuts go out and come back in again. But I have never been one to follow trends or what the rest of the jewelry pack is doing. I decide with my heart and soul on all of the elements I use in my one-of-a-kind pieces and collections.” he adds.

Martin's affinity for moval cut diamonds